Diana and Zoe live in Mount Vernon, Iowa, where they both work at Zoe's Pet Deli and Dog Wash. Zoe and Diana have been together since 2004. Four-month-old Zoe rescued Diana and the two have traveled from California to Colorado to Iowa, in search of happiness together. Diana understands pets are family and lives happy helping friends keep their fur family together through good food and a little pampering.

Zoe's Pet Deli Mural

By Strider Patton

"Hands that Build"

This mural is an honoring of the built environment of the Mount Vernon downtown area. Hands that Build represents the physical structures that have been built over the towns history to provide places of commerce, social gathering locations, and homes. The image of hands is not positioned in a strong manner, but instead a fairly delicate one, representing a balance of what large tasks can be accomplished with these uniquely human features. We humans are builders and the historic Mount Vernon downtown is a beautiful historic example of this skill.

The mural bridges figurative imagery with abstract design, showcasing world class contemporary muralism that has local story and meaning embedded with vibrant colors that are made to catch the eye of observes and make an impact. Large-scale murals of this size and nature activate public spaces and bring observers from near and far, stimulating local economies while providing interactive photographic opportunities. This place-making art is what artist Strider Patton specializes in. By weaving together meaning and beauty with his murals, Strider's work has proven to be a public space activating force that reminds observers of the unique qualities of humanity.