Quick & easy way to wash my large dog after he rolled in something disgusting (& probably dead!) We don't have a tub currently, so Zoe's was a life saver! I loved that they had natural products available to use as well.

Amber L.

Zoe's Pet Deli is an amazing place to go! They have alot of things for your pets! Plus, they make pretty cute birthday cakes for dog!

Jennifer W.

Diana and her staff are knowledgeable and friendly. Love the inviting atmosphere and the homemade treats.

Karlee B.

About two weeks ago I stopped in at Zoe's. We've purchased food from them before but this time I needed some advice because our sweet dog was ill. He's in heart failure and wouldn't eat at all. The vet was worried and we discussed he was coming to the end of his life. Maybe he is, he's almost 11, but since we changed his food to the freeze dried nuggets that Zoe's recommended, our dog has been devouring his food.

He's eating and gaining weight. He's got energy, he's jumping off and on the furniture and is loving going for walks again. He's like the dog he was before he got so sick. I can't thank Zoe's enough for their help and suggestions. I'm so thrilled we have this gem in our little town." - Kaye S.

"Wonderful pet shop! Great staff with a really nice self service dog wash. Clean, warm water, walk in tub with high sides.

Jordana O.

My dog is a mixed breed and often presents with odd aliments such as dry feet. I was told by the vet that his excessive licking of his paws and his hair loss were a result of a fungus or allergy to grass. My dog had been eating Blue Buffalo brand food, which is considered to be a premium "natural" dog food. After several expensive treatments, and a recommendation from the owner of Zoe's Deli, I decided to switch his food. The owner of Zoe's informed me that there had been problems with the Blue Buffalo formula and helped me choose a new formula called GO! Since putting my dog on this formula he has had not one issue with his feet! I just wanted to thank Zoe's for saving me a lot of money in treatments and helping my animal stay happy and healthy!

Janae N.

I care for an aging Akita with an autoimmune disease. Zoe's has improved his quality of life tremendously. From CBD and glucosamine for his hip pain and inflammation to healthy food and treats. Diana and Kelly provide so much knowledge plus all of the snuggles and love. I can't imagine a better shop

Andi S.

I called the store on a Saturday and needed a dog cake on Sunday. Late notice I know I was not on top of things. She was very helpful and got the cake done for me the next day! No complaints and my doggos loved the cake! Thanks for your great service!

Justine W.